Book Description : “In a world of swords and sorcery lies the verdant land of Varien, home to a young boy named Samuel who is about to discover he has an extraordinary gift – the power of Psychokinesis! (Y’know, the ability to move things with his mind and stuff.) However, Samuel’s newfound abilities will soon be put to the test as he is swept into an adventure to save his homeland from an evil army known as the Cobras! But don’t worry, he’s not alone; With a colorful group of friends that include dragons, werewolves, magical girls, and crazy chickens, he’ll have more help than he can handle!”

I really enjoyed this book. Great illustrations by a clearly talented hand! The drawings brought to mind anime cartoons. I was at first a little bummed that it was in black and white (due to a personal preference) but the author took great pains to use light and dark for contrast. This really brought clarity and detail to the scenes and I quickly forgot that it was without color.

As for the story, it’s golden. Lighthearted and fun, it doesn’t forget to integrate more serious moments to allow characters to grow and develop. Things get moving quickly and are never bogged down by a lot of sitting around “thinking”. When it needs to convey a longer passage of time, a narrator box is used to transition smoothly from one period to the next. And the book never skimps on illustration during these. Every brick, street, and stall of Samuel’s town is depicted in impressive detail to really immerse the reader in this world. Every character has a distinct face and behavior. No corner cutting here!