In recent years the military have increasingly been using light-weight all-terrain vehicles ( ATV ) for a number of applications: from utility transport within staging areas to air-mobile and light-forces support, infantry formations are required to sustain operations with minimal transportation support. Being light, agile and versatile, ATV s are available to support light-forces and special operations. Some were custom built for the military while others utilize civilian platforms, hardened and adapted for these missions.

Most of the vehicles were acquired under urgent operational requirements (UOR), as part of the War on Terror budget. As the deployment in Afghanistan winds down, military forces in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific are assessing their way forward, acquiring and fielding those assets through a methodical, sustained approach.

“I need tactical mobility for the future, so we need to move toward mobility and figure out how we sustain survivability while increasing mobility.” US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno stated. The Army is addressing those directives with plans to equip select infantry and airborne forces with dedicated vehicles that will support reconnaissance, offensive security operations and move infantry units off-road thus increasing their security and survivability to enemy ambushes and IEDs.