In 1848 the first three books in this series were published.

1. Charles the First-1848
2. Mary, Queen of Scots-1848
3. Alexander the Great-1848

John S. C. Abbott's Kings and Queens was initially part of the series but by 1849 it was not in the series.

First edition of Mary Queen of Scots has the 1848 date at the base of the title page.

By 1850 the series was called "Abbott's Histories".

New books in 1850 included:
10. Xerxes the Great-1850
11. Cyrus the Great-1850
12. Darius the Great-1850

1850-History of Madame Roland -John S. C. Abbott

13. Cleopatra

1851-History of Josephine - John S. C. Abbott

15. Nero
16. Pyrrhus

In 1853 the series was called Abbott's Illustrated Histories. At that time the set consisted of 19 books. Sixteen authored by Jacob Abbott and three penned by John S. C. Abbott.

The books came in muslin at 60 cents each and muslin with gold gilt edges at 75 cents.