"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" has its origins in the sessions for the band's 1993 album, Zooropa . [1] Bono described it as being about "being in a rock band" and "being a star". [1] The song's title comes from a play on the classic song " Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me " and it is actually visible (along with the titles of other unfinished tracks) on the album cover of Zooropa , written in purple text.

U2's involvement with the soundtrack began when director Joel Schumacher attempted to create a cameo role for Bono as MacPhisto in Batman Forever , in which the character was intended to appear at a party scene. Although both tried to make the scene happen, they came to agree it was not suitable for the film. [2] Instead, the band offered "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" as a contribution to the soundtrack.

The song was played live on every show of the PopMart Tour as part of the encore and appeared at all 94 of the tour's concerts. It was not played again until the 2010 leg of the U2 360° Tour , opening the second encore. From there, it remained a permanent part of the encore until the end of the tour in 2011.