*I told the ambulatory mollusc I’d get this in, even if late.  After this we should be able to resume normal blog procedure.  Sorry.  It’s difficult to step away for two weeks without a bunch of things spinning out of control, and I’m still dealing with those, and trying to finish Guardian.  Post on Thursday and I’ll be posting on MGC later, continuing my series about genre structure.  It will be an hour or so, though, as today I go to work at a remote location, to try to concentrate on Guardian and not on … stuff.- SAH*

Six months ago, she was locked in a cubbie and found a very different way to escape. Across a dimensional threshold—into a war between the Artificial Intelligences—advance computers that evinced in the other dimensions as animals.

But the completion of the WisGrid is going to open the bandwidth enough to expand the war to other cities and re-energize the war.