Traditionally, knowledgeable unit leaders often worked with Life Scouts as informal Eagle Mentors to encourage and advise Eagle candidates on their trail to Eagle. New Eagle advancement procedures encourage each Eagle candidate to work with a trained and approved Eagle Coach to support his Eagle Service Project. The Patriots’ Path Council Advancement Committee recommends that unit leaders review the attached Eagle Mentor Training material ( powerpoint and pdf ), as preparation for both the broader Eagle Mentor and project-focused Eagle Coach roles.

Community Service Reporting — Units are strongly encouraged to submit information about each Eagle Scout service project via the Community Service  website. The Recognition of Service certificate printed after the data has been submitted should be provided to the candidate by the unit and submitted with the Eagle Scout Service Workbook.

Eagle Requirements:  The 2014 Eagle Scout Application highlights the option of earning the new Sustainability Merit Badge as an alternative to Environmental Science. On the same date, Cooking became a required badge as well.