Series : Book 5 of "Gotrek and Felix"
The storm clouds are gathering over the icy city of Praag as the evil forces of Chaos lay murderous siege to the frozen lands of Kislev. Standing between the massed hordes of darkness and the city’s destruction are dwarf slayer Gotrek Gurnisson and his sworn human companion, Felix Jaeger. But Gotrek’s quest to die a heroic death in battle may soon be granted as the enemy advance to claim the city for their dark gods.

The plans of the Dark Brotherhood reach a crescendo as magical murder is unleashed in the conquered city of Halim. While the fate of the civilised world hangs in the balance, Rik must do battle with dragons, super-­human killers and the sinister squid-­like Elder Race known only as the Quan. In his quest for vengeance, Rik must now face the deadliest threat of all; his monstrous, inhuman father.

The Serpent Tower an impregnable fortress built by a pre-­human race has never fallen to siege. Within it, the sinister sorcerer Lord Ilmarec holds Princess Kathea, rightful heir to the throne in his clutches. In order to save the realm and his own life, halfbreed assassin Rik must infiltrate the tower and rescue the princess, all the while pursued by an undead monster out of darkest legend.