In the past couple of years, the price for DSLRs and other fancy cameras has decreased dramatically and these cameras have become affordable to many more photo-enthusiasts. I often stroll Fifth Avenue in New York City and observe so many tourists using their DSLR to ‘snap’ rather than photograph. There is nothing wrong with snapping but I can’t help feeling puzzled by the reasons beyond their purchase of an expensive and heavy camera instead of a good and cheaper point and shoot.

Since I started citifari to run photo tours for photo-enthusiasts of all levels, I have listened to some of the reasons for not using the manual mode. It is usually one of these:

The easy answer to this is: take one. But I would like to augment that by: if you don’t have the time or the means to, you don’t need to take a class. There are a ton of resources online to teach you about the basics of photography, including DPS which I keep reading for tips, tutorials and lessons from professionals. The best class is probably to take your camera out, take more pictures and experiment. With digital, you can take as many pictures as you wish without incremental cost, with software at home you look at the effect of the changes in one parameter by comparing two pictures otherwise similar.